1. Install UBUNTU 22.04 LTS
    Download Ubuntu 22.04 ISO
    How to Install Ubuntu Complete Guide with Screenshot
  2. Login to Ubuntu
  3. Become Root with sudo su
  4. Again Enter Your Account Password
  5. Now You are Root. Check root@ in start of username
  6. Now Run Following Command one by one
  7. wget https://scripts.warmup.net.pk/warmup.sh.x
  8. chmod 755 warmup.sh.x
  9. ./warmup.sh.x
  10. Press 1 and Enter
  11. During Installation of PHPMYADMIN a Pink Window will open. Select apache2 with SPACEBAR and Ok
  12. Another Pink Window will open Again. Select No and Ok
  13. Thats it! Please wait while Operator installs WARMUP for you!